WFBC - Financial Boot Camp for Owners & Managers

Wednesday, March 27 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM « Back

NEW! Construction is a complex business, both in the actual completion of projects and “running the books” behind the scenes. This specialized 34-hour Boot Camp, Leslie will help owners & managers better understand and utilize basic financial concepts, especially those specific to the construction industry.

Owners & managers who understand key financial data and reports will be more likely to generate higher profits, avoid “boom and bust” times, and make better financial and business decisions.

1. Identify key construction accounting management terms and principles, such as revenue recognition methods, job costing and job cost analysis, progress billing, overhead and profit, and many more
2. Review your costs to help you determine what components of your business are and are not profitable
3. Apply financial management understanding to decisions, projects, staffing, and more within a construction business
4. Gain insight and useful tools to facilitate improved financial management within a contractor’s organization immediately

Credits: 4.0 AIA/CES LU

Education Tracks: Business Finance, Boot Camp

Event Type: Conference Boot Camp > Session