Leslie Shiner

The Shiner Group
MBA, Mill Valley, CA
United States

Leslie Shiner—author, speaker, and trainer—has more than twenty years’ experience as a financial and management consultant. She is the owner of The ShinerGroup, a consulting firm helping contractors gain financial control. As a business coach, she has worked with both small and large businesses to help them better understand their business practices and maximize their profits Ms. Shiner firmly believes training and education is instrumental in the growth and success of those in the contracting field. She is the author of “A Simple Guide to Turning a Profit as a Contractor.” Ms. Shiner is an engaging speaker with a long history of rave reviews. She continues to receive high praise for her ability to make financial management interesting, understandable and even entertaining. Ms. Shiner’s post-graduate education focused on Finance and Accounting, culminating in an MBA from UC Berkeley. Ms. Shiner has combined her knowledge of construction management with her passion for education. She teaches construction financial management seminars around the country and frequently speaks at industry conferences, both locally and nationally.